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Book Production Budget

One of the last tips in my post, 10 Tips for Launching Your Book, was to come with a book production budget. How do you do that? Easy. A  book production budget is an estimate of what it will cost to get your book published.  It includes everything from the cover design, to editing, formatting, marketing,Continue reading “Book Production Budget”

Do people use brands because their family does? Intergenerational Brand Loyalty

The other day I went to my living room to retrieve my laptop, and to my horror, I found the aftermath of some insect war. Carpenter ants lay dead on top of my laptop…We settled on calling the exterminator. But which one to use?..
How loyal are people to brands across generations? To answer that, I’ve decided to do a little digging. After using “intergenerational brand loyalty” only to find the different between generations on brand loyalty, I found the magical keyword combo: intergenerational brand transfer.

One change in consumer behavior has many consequences: how a single behavioral change in consumers can ripple across many industries

Imagine a small pebble being tossed into a large lake. You can see the ripples cascading from that single point of entry. The same can be said for a single change in behavior amongst consumers. I’ll show you how. A single behavioral trend can shed light on a lot of different things happening in the market across a lot of different industries. For marketers, they can help the businesses that they consult for shift how they are doing business or how they are promoting their business. For the businesses being aware of behavioral trends can help the owners make strategic decisions about their business. Staying in business means shifting with changes in the market.

Branding Research: Part 2 of 2

In this post, I’m going to be talking about the research that explains how this story is told and how this story is understood. …

Why do we purchase the things that we do? What makes us choose one brand over another? Although you as a seller of products or services are coming from a place of wanting to truly understand branding, you also have to look at purchasing from the consumer’s perspective. …

The key to branding is making sure that the story that you tell is authentic to you. The science of how that story is transmitted is both fascinating and also helps to be mindful and intentional in how we plan and execute our branding.

Branding Research: Part 1 of 2

The notion of a brand can seem amorphous partly because of the ubiquitous use of the word. This makes it hard for people to think about their own brand. I’ve talked with a lot of solopreneurs and indie writers who are at a loss when they are trying to create their branding plans. I think that part of this is because there’s confusion about what a brand is.


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