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I’m so glad to you decided to take control of your marketing plans. Marketing strategy and planning are a key component to a thriving and sustainable business.

If you haven’t taken the Branding Check-Up Questionnaire, this is the perfect time to do it. It will help you identify the areas in your branding that you may need more clarity on.

Why is looking at your “elevator speech” a branding check-up? It’s a quick look at the clarity of your marketing strategy. Without clarity in your planning, your planning will be unfocused. It’s like closing your eyes if you’re trying to throw a baseball.

After reviewing the questionnaire, you have decided that you need to work on it.

This is a great decision. I’ll tell you why.

This will help you with your “elevator speech” about your business, when you have a very short time to describe your business or project (if you’re a creative) to someone.

This will also help you see where you may need to up your game on your marketing planning.

There are four general areas that the check-up looked at:

  • your story (branding),
  • what you offer (your product/service and branding),
  • your ideal client, customer, audience (your community),
  • and how you monitor success.

Your marketing plans should have a way to measure success. If you don’t have a clear way to track and measure your marketing efforts, you won’t know if they are working or not and could be wasting your time and your money.

As part of your ongoing business activities, you will want to review the success of your marketing campaigns to make sure that you are investing your resources wisely.


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Michelle Raab, PhD
Michelle Raab, PhD

Dr. Michelle Raab is a psychologist with experience in branding, marketing, messaging, and event planning. She wants to help you to build your brand and grow your business. Whether you’re a sole proprietor, small business owner, freelancer, or indie creative, she can help you tell your story to your future clients, customers, and audience. She can also help you create systems to maintain and strengthen your relationship with your current clients, customers, and readers. Want to chat about what she can do for you? Schedule a clarity call.

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