Indie Writer Survey

Thank you for helping me to gather information about how our market works.  The information available for how our market works is sorely lacking.  It is either unavailable, because no one has collected it, or is part of proprietary databases that are very costly and unavailable to the average indie creative.  It is important for us as a community to understand how our sales and marketing work in order to better empower ourselves.  So, thank you for helping me with this project.

If you participate, you understand that I will not be compensating you for your time and inconvenience for participating in this survey.  This survey is completely voluntary.  You do not have to answer any questions for whatever reason.  I will only publish results in “aggregate data,” which means that I will report in numbers that summarize or are results of statistical analysis.  The only person who will know that your information is attached to you is me.  I will keep your information confidential.  If you would like a nondisclosure agreement before proceeding, please let me know.  Your privacy is important to me.

There are limits to your privacy with respect to third party security, such as the security provided by email and survey collection tools.  I will indicate which third party company that I am using.  Please refer to their privacy and security policies for more information.

Also let me know if a form would be easier to answer in.  I thought that this would be easy, since it’s more free flowing.  But I want this to be as convenient to you as possible.

Thank you again!  With your help, we can start understanding how OUR market works so that we can better empower ourselves.

  1. Peace&joy,
  2. Michelle


You can tab to each new question. Answer as the spirit moves or as best you can. Thank you so much.

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