Ciara Delahunt

Before Michelle came along, I was just muddling along with no idea where I was going. It’s hard to figure out who you are as a writer, you really do need someone to nudge you in the right direction — or hand you a personalised road map. That’s exactly what Michelle Raab did for me!

Michelle made me really think about who I am as a writer and who I want to connect with, who my readers are. Not just the fluffy ‘I write fantasy’ level, she really made me dig deep and figure out exactly what makes me and my writing unique. You can’t target readers until you know who your target audience is, your brand isn’t pretty colours or a fancy logo, it’s so much more than that.

I used to find marketing pretty overwhelming and scary but Michelle breaks things down into easy steps and she doesn’t just dump a load of info on you or tell you who you are, she makes you think for yourself and then helps work on actionable steps to get you where you want to be. Her tips have even spilled over into my writing, it’s help me gain so much clarity in every aspect of my author life. I cannot recommend her services enough.

Ciara Delahunt

JD Groom

As an introverted indie author, the word ‘marketing’ was enough to break me out in a cold sweat. I didn’t have a clue where to start, much less understand what all the buzz words meant that I kept hearing in other author groups and chat rooms. Then came Michelle.

Like some kind of marketing angel, she swept me under her wing and finally everything made sense. She was able to explain everything to me in a way that I understood and, more importantly, why you would want to do them.

Michelle was able to help me put in place a solid strategy for the first few months, with steps to build on, leading right up to the release of my next book, when I will definitely be calling on her services again. I’ve also attended one of Michelle’s webinars, which was super helpful and definitely got me thinking about ways I can improve my visibility. 

Laura D. Child

Michelle is a wonderful person and a great professional.

As a new blogger I have been struggling quite a bit with finding my own way. With so many other bloggers like myself around, I needed to draw attention and stand out to be able to be noticed. Michelle was the one who made the difference for me. She made me realise where I wanted to go.

And NO – she didn’t tell me what to do!

She subtly suggested and pushed me to think for myself and find my own way. While trying to answer her questions I slowly realised who I want to be as a blogger. What I want to represent and where I want to go.

My followers have steadily been increasing since then and now I have a clear goal in mind, as well as a properly set path.

Michelle is a whiz at getting people started and helping them reach their full potential. From setting a firm goal to marketing she is the perfect helper for creative entrepreneurs. Because she doesn’t tell you what to do. She helps you discover it for yourself, which is infinitely better. 

Creative enterprises don’t fit into the normal promotion pattern. Michelle helps people find their own, enhancing both creativity and potential.

I for one am very thankful to have met her.

Instagram @magicbookcorner

Cassidy Reyne

Michelle Raab is a Marketing Expert Extraordinaire. That’s the only way I can describe her skills. What she doesn’t know about marketing is everything I haven’t even learned yet. This is why I have formed a very close relationship with Michelle. She speaks, I listen, learn and try to act accordingly. I haven’t ever needed to do any form of marketing until I published my first book, and even then I did very little. In the few weeks since my second book was published I have had more success with sales of both novels than in the previous 12 months. This is entirely due to Michelle’s skills and knowledge. She has an incredible understanding of how people’s minds work and what will make them interested in what you are trying to sell them. Along with her marketing skills she has a warm and friendly manner and will boost your confidence with her open and generous personality. Her expertise, knowledge and experience is second to none and I would recommend her services to anyone who needs a helping hand  in building and marketing their brand.

Cassidy Reyne – Author of The Sentinels Series

Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta

Dr. Michelle Raab is the Queen of Marketing. She develops science and evidence-based marketing insights with a level of skill and ease that makes her work look effortless in its brilliance. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Raab early last summer when I had just started my Instagram page for my business. To say that I was completely floundering on the platform is an understatement. I had just published my book and wanted to gain a little traction for it. But, I literally had no idea how to use it and didn’t have the time to learn about it extensively. Dr. Raab not only helped me by simplifying and synthesizing all of the things I need to learn into easily consumable chunks, she also then laid out the exact strategy for me to get the growth I wanted. Using her strategies and tactics, I went from having somewhere around 50 followers to over 500, in about 3 months. If you think marketing is a great mystery that eludes you, I would highly recommend Dr. Raab. She will help you demystify your process and help you build the marketing plan you need for your creative endeavors.

  1. Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta
  2. Founder and CEO of AJ Rao, LLC 
  3. DEI Consultant
  4. Certified Executive Coach