Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta

Dr. Michelle Raab is the Queen of Marketing. She develops science and evidence-based marketing insights with a level of skill and ease that makes her work look effortless in its brilliance. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Raab early last summer when I had just started my Instagram page for my business. To say that I was completely floundering on the platform is an understatement. I had just published my book and wanted to gain a little traction for it. But, I literally had no idea how to use it and didn’t have the time to learn about it extensively. Dr. Raab not only helped me by simplifying and synthesizing all of the things I need to learn into easily consumable chunks, she also then laid out the exact strategy for me to get the growth I wanted. Using her strategies and tactics, I went from having somewhere around 50 followers to over 500, in about 3 months. If you think marketing is a great mystery that eludes you, I would highly recommend Dr. Raab. She will help you demystify your process and help you build the marketing plan you need for your creative endeavors.

  1. Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta
  2. Founder and CEO of AJ Rao, LLC 
  3. DEI Consultant
  4. Certified Executive Coach